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We're the #1 tool for hoteliers to retarget their guests who've already booked before. Crafted for hoteliers, by other hoteliers. Give it a try. You'll love it, just as we do.


Our app is extremely easy to use, no training needed. You sign up with your Facebook account, then chat.


Receive up to 100 bookings in the first 3 months using our products, or you get a full refund, guaranteed!


We charge 0% commission on booking. It's a simple subscription model, you pay quarterly or yearly.

What is INNAWAY?

Stop spending up to 30% of your revenue on commission and promotion, to get new customer all the time? We help you retarget the customer you already spent money on, and get more booking out of them at a really low cost. 

Retarget your customer with email and chat!

Fully retargeting solution

We use chatbot to power your Facebook Page's Messenger so you don't have to answer every single enquiry one by one. It will simply offer your room types at a secret loyalty deal to your returning customers so you don't violate price disparity policy as well. You can also broadcast one single message to everyone, about your next promotion.

Newest technologies to give your sale a boost!

AI & Chatbot Integrated

Customer Success

At INNAWAY, we define success by our customer's success.

We increased our monthly occupancy from 55% to 75%, after 3 month using INNAWAY's products & services.

Tam Do, Owner

Sapa Charm Hotel

We never actually managed our customer profile. INNAWAY helped us to do it easily, knowing which guest we should focus on.

Nhu Lan, Revenue Manager

Holiday Sapa Hotel

As a family own hotel, it's hard to hire top sale manager. But now we need that no more, since our sale grew $20,000 last month with simple use of INNAWAY tool.

Bao Ngoc, DOSM

Royal Hotel

Our pricing is super simple. You pay NO commission. Just a yearly payment to use all of our services. We even offer discount on your first year.


Best Value


If pay $246 quarterly

$190 Setup Fee

0% Commision

Chatbot Integrated

Customer Support

Retargeting Tools

Multiple Users Support



10 first booking

Simple Setup

Chatbot Integrated

Customer Support

Retargeting Tools

For 1 User Only


per month

Save 4 months

100 Roomnights Guaranteed**

$0 Setup Fee

0% Commission

Chatbot Integrated

Customer Support

Retargeting Tools

Multiple Users Support

If pay $492 annually*


per month

*First year 50% discount
**Money back guaranteed

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